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1PURE CBD has helped treat symptoms from chronic pain to autism, below is a sampling of cases who found relief using 1PURE CBD products when other treatments seemingly failed. For over 6 years, 1PURE has had successful outcomes, primarily in Brazil, and continues to work with patients to help them find the right CBD product for their individual needs.

Livia photo


Dravet Syndrome

Livia has Dravet Syndrome, a rare type of difficult-to-control epilepsy. Dravet Syndrome has, in addition to convulsions, delays or difficulties in speech and the motor system. Despite Livia's age, we perceived a slight imbalance in gait and a slight delay in speech when compared to other children her age. She has proven to be resistant to both traditional and modern medications and treatments. Her parents and doctors decided to try 1PURE CBD and within the first month, they saw great improvement in controlling seizures and noticed an improvement to her speech development. "We have been without myoclonic seizures for months. We have also experienced the usual triggers such as, fever, colds, flu, and sinusitis, without crisis. 1PURE CBD has been making the virtually impossible possible and has greatly improved the quality of Livia's, and our family's lives" said Livia's mother.

Rosaria Gomes photo

Rosaria Gomes


Rosaria Gomes, affectionately known as Zara, has always been an active person. Always healthy, she saw her routine and her entire universe change dramatically after experiencing severe abdominal pain. “I felt a stab of very intense pain,” said Rosaria. It was then that the emergency doctor found a large mass near her kidney. She was eventually diagnosed with type 2 Neurofibromatosis and Schwanomatose, an incurable genetic disease. Due to the intense pain, Zara was unable to perform simple tasks like walking her dog and even working. It was because of the pain that Zara was also unable to sleep more than 90 minutes at a time, and consequently suffered from mood swings and depression. A friend suggested 1PURE CBD, as a way to try to relieve the pain, she began using it. "This medication brought me another perspective on life,” Zara said. In addition to improving her constant pain, Rosaria also recalls that her mood has also improved after using 1PURE CBD. She is now able to complete daily chores again. “In addition to my improved mood, I managed to get a good night’s rest, sleeping for 8 hours straight! I believe in 1PURE CBD because it worked for me when nothing else would."

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José Ricardo


José was born with developmental delays. At the age of eight months, he had his first seizure. By the age of one year, he was taking strong medications like Trileptal for the seizures. After seeing several neuropediatric, the official diagnosis was that Jose's mother, Adriana, had contracted a stomatal virus and that it was incubated during pregnancy. As Adriana searched for treatments for her son, she came across 1PURE CBD. She asked her son's Neuropediatrician if they could try it. The doctor promptly prescribed 1PURE CBD. In less than 30 days of treatment with 1PURE CBD, José Ricardo started to show significant improvements. “My son is starting to communicate through small gestures and babbling. I talk to him and he answers me. I never imagined this would be possible. In addition, he has already started exploring his surroundings, as well as becoming a more social child”, said Adriana. His seizures are also controlled. "I want to enjoy this process day by day," she said about her son's improvements with 1PURE CBD.

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Maria Luiza


At the age of one, Maria Luiza's mother Claudia witnessed her daughter's first seizure. Maria Luiza had to be hospitalized for a week of observation and was prescribed seizure control medications. She was eventually diagnosed with FOXG1 gene syndrome at around four years old. "She gradually got to the point where she needed stronger and more intensive treatments" recalls Claudia. As Claudia began to research options, she came across 1PURE CBD and learned about their cannabidiol treatment methodology. After further research, Maria Luiza was given 1PURE CBD. “We have been using 1Pure CBD for two years and my daughter has not had any seizures. We started with a very low dose and over that time I believe we have only increased one drop. She was such a moody child and now she is an extremely cheerful child, as if she's been given a new life.” Now with these great improvements, Claudia can make plans for her daughter's future

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At just four months of age, Isaac’s first seizure occurred. The following month, a second seizure occurred, lasting about fifteen minutes. Then, they began to appear more often, lasting longer. Isaac was eventually diagnosed with Dravet's syndrome. Isaac’s mother, Elizângela, looked for different treatments and examples that could help her son. Through another family with a similar experience, she was introduced to 1PURE CBD. With authorization from a neuropediatrician, Isaac started taking cannabidiol and soon showed significant improvements. He had seizures for another week, then it was 48 days without any type of seizure. Those that came later were much less intense. “Isaac didn't communicate, now he can call us Mom and Dad. He can ask for what he wants, like water. Isaac is managing to discover the world, even attempting to take his first steps. We are beyond thrilled with his progress.” When asked about the expectations for Isaac’s future, Elizângela is optimistic. She knows each step will be accomplished in its own time, but Elizângela is very hopeful. “Although we need to be cautious, I know that my son will have a life. Thanks to 1PURE CBD, I know that my son has a chance to really live. And there is nothing better than that.”

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Isabela Pereira


At the age of 12 years old, Isabela while celebrating New Year's Eve with friends and family, started to have a strange feeling that resulted in a seizure. She was later diagnosed with Epilepsy. Over time, she began having seizures weekly. Isabela had tried different medication by the age of 15. Having been seizure-free for a year, the epilepsy came back even stronger with seizures happening about twice a day. After the medications no longer had an effect, a neurologist suggested treatment with cannabidiol. It was through 1PURE CBD that Isabela began to see improvements that she hadn't experienced in some time. After about three months of taking 1PURE CBD, Isabela was able to smile again and slowly felt more confident about living her life again. Rosilda, Isabela's mother, is hopeful that her daughter will be able to get back to a more normal social and school life again soon.

Henrique photo


Tuberous Sclerosis, Autism and Epilepsy

Henrique was born with tuberous sclerosis and later developed epilepsy and autism. As Henrique grew seizures started to become more frequent, even with the use of the medications. It was at that time that Mariana, Henrique’s mother, and his medical team started looking for other treatment alternatives. In doing so, they discovered cannabidiol (CBD).

Mariana's first experience was with Henrique using a CBD sold in Paraguay, but the results were less than anticipated. After reading testimonials of other parents in similar situations she would then start testing 1PURE's cannabidiol and had a totally different experience. It became a major turning point in the lives of Mariana, Henrique, and their family. Now Henrique takes CBD easily, he even asks for it. The change has been impressive. His attention improved, as did his responsiveness. Now, he is able to be more active and maintain friendships.

"I’ve started to collect my son's smiles, which I thought I would never be able to have. For parents, this is priceless. All I ever wanted was to have something that helped in any way, so that Henrique had at least one chance to live the life he really deserves," says Mariana.

Ana Clara photo

Ana Clara


Ana Clara now 11 years old had her first seizure at the very young age of 6 months. This is when I started my search for doctors who could hopefully diagnose her condition and give us hope that her life could change for the better.

In this tireless pursuit she was diagnosed with epilepsy, a learning disability, and a lack of fine and broad motor coordination skills.

After visiting several doctors over the years, we met Dr. Eduardo Faveret who diagnosed her with refractory epilepsy. Resistant to the many therapeutic drug treatments available in Brazil and having exhausted all therapeutic possibilities, the use of cannabidiol (1Pure) was prescribed.

We immediately began the use of 1PURE, and Ana Clara remains virtually seizure free. More surprisingly we have noticed a significant positive change in behavior and school performance.

This medicine has been light and hope for many people to not just survive but to live happier and better lives.

I urge parents and doctors to research, learn and understand the differences between the brands as they are not all the same. Quality, content, consistency, and effectiveness is what is needed in serious medicine.

Mateus photo



Mateus, 16, has autism. He always had an issue with aggression. The issue worsened with adolescence when he had to leave school because he was no longer socializing.

During that time, his doctor changed the medicines, but it didn’t have any positive impact on the condition.

In October 2018, his Doctor suggested that his parents try cannabidiol and referred another doctor who was already prescribing the drug. In December, after receiving authorization from Anvisa to import cannabidiol oil, they received the first units of 1PURE. His mother recalls that they started with a dose of 5 drops per day 6000mg but did not notice any difference at first. The doctor followed Matthew's progress weekly and arrived at the right dosage two to three months later.

Mateus is the oldest child in the family. He has always been a restless and aggressive child and has even beaten on his parents and younger brother in the past. Since using 1PURE CBD, Matthew is calmer and much less anxious. Before treatment, he ate too much and never sat down, but now he is eating in normal quantities while sitting at the table. Mateus also "grunted" a lot, because his speech was compromised, a typical behavior that has also improved.

Therapists also report to parents that his concentration is much better.

Gabriel Fernandes photo

Gabriel Fernandes


Gabriel Fernandes, now 12, has always had many complications throughout his life, going through various therapies, different treatment methods, and various medications. He always suffered from minor spells of unconsciousness, which also caused minor discomfort. But that soon became a more complicated situation.

He was diagnosed with moderate autism and, until reaching an accurate diagnosis, faced many struggles and difficulties. His mother, Cristiane Peres Fernandes, recalls that much of her life has was spent trying to find ways to make the situation better. And most of the time, expectations were dashed.

“I tried every treatment method you can imagine. Psychologist, occupational therapy, speech therapist. And in Gabriel's early childhood, nobody could immediately find out what was going on.” she explained.

Gabriel began to show the first signs that he would be an autistic person when he was one year and eight months old. In her experience as a physiotherapist, Cristiane began to realize that her son did not show signs of development similar to a child of his age.

Gabriel's neurologist eventually prescribed 1PURE's cannabidiol oil as a complementary medication in the young man's life. And at this moment things started to change.

As Gabriel began using medication from the 1PURE laboratory, he began to develop better. Today, he says, “Mom, banana!” And also points out the things he wants. Plus, he wants to interact, cook, and do his things more independently.

Beginning to see a clearer outlook on her young man's life, Cristiane believes that in a year she will be able to fulfill one of her greatest desires: Gabriel's complete literacy. "This is a big dream, which thanks to 1PURE cannabidiol, has never been so close to fulfillment."

Diogo photo


Autism, epilepsy, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity

Diogo Carvalho dos Santos Veiga has always been a child dear to his family. But his life was not always peaceful. Even at a young age, the now 11-year-old adolescent had many different situations during his life although now he is living in the best possible way.

At 8 months old, his mother took Diogo to a neuropediatrician, as she believed that some of her son's developments were not happening as expected. The pediatrician felt the child's development was a little delayed, but nothing to worry about. Susana started looking for other diagnoses until she reached the neuropediatrician who looks after Diogo today. From there, investigative tests began to be carried out to determine what was happening to him.

After numerous tests he was diagnosed with autism related to epilepsy. “When I learned the diagnosis, I asked what would change in our life. The doctor said that nothing would change. But the degree of his autism could change over time”. It was at this moment that Diogo's diagnosis was really defined: Autism associated with drug-resistant epilepsy, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity.

His doctor researched how cannabidiol could help in the face of autism spectrum disorder, and he concluded that they could try to use this treatment. On top of that Dr. Débora Kerches, who had been dealing with Diogo since he was 8 months old, went to the United States to learn the essence of the medicine.”

Currently, Diogo attends a traditional school with the help of a teacher who could meet his needs. By the middle of 2021, we expect he will be fully literate. His mother’s initial expectation for this to happen was at 14 years old. Diogo has reached many more milestones because of the cannabidiol treatment. In fact, many people ask questions and mention the adolescent's improvement in the short time using the medication. According to his mother, cannabidiol came to strengthen and provide all the necessary support for his development, from the improvement of his quality of life, social behavior to social and school environment.

Ana Lívia photo

Ana Lívia


Ana Lívia, 22, has moderate to severe autism. Since the diagnosis at age 8, she has been taking allopathic medicines to alleviate her hyperactivity and echolalia.

In 2019, her aunt Fatima began researching new treatments and met some people who were using cannabidiol. Fatima suggested the use of CBD to her sister, Ana’s mother, who agreed to try it. They were referred to a neurologist who prescribed CBD and went to him for more information. In the first consultation, the doctor said that CBD would be the only way out for Ana Lívia.

In April 2019, they started treatment with 1Pure CBD. As quickly as the third day, there was a noticeable change in Ana Lívia’s behavior. She became calmer and more peaceful. Although her hyperactivity kept her walking or talking, the change was visible. “My sister and I were thrilled. We had never seen my niece like this,” says Fatima.

There was a time when Ana Lívia would only eat at school with her friends, but for Mother's Day she gave a gift to the whole family: she ate a complete meal in her home with everyone at the table! Today, Ana Lívia listens to music, engages in conversations, helps in the kitchen, and participates in several other activities she has not done before. Her cognition has improved a lot and she is much more focused. She is also more participative, less aggressive, and has milder echolalia.