To determine a comfortable and effective dosage of CBD, multiple factors need to be considered, including:

  • Your bodyweight
  • Your diet and metabolism
  • How CBD reacts to your unique body chemistry
  • Your tolerance to CBD

Taking all these influences into account for a starting dosage may seem a little complicated at first, so we’ve put together a handy CBD dosage chart to help you out.

Human | CBD Tincture Dosage Guide

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<30 LBS 30-50 LBS 51-90 LBS 91-150 LBS 151-250 LBS >250 LBS
Mild 5mg 7mg 10mg 15mg 22mg 30mg
Medium 7mg 10mg 18mg 26mg 36mg 50mg
Heavy 10mg 15mg 24mg 36mg 55mg 80mg
Severe 15mg 20mg 30mg 45mg 65mg 95mg

Do not exceed 200mg within a 24-hr period.

This chart shows the biggest factors in finding a good starting CBD dosage are your bodyweight, and a personal evaluation of the discomfort you're feeling.

1-6 milligrams of CBD are recommended for every 10 pounds of bodyweight. As with most substances, someone with a low body mass will need a smaller dosage of CBD to feel the same effects as someone maintaining a higher body mass.

But remember: Dosages do not need to be 100% exact to be effective. But knowing roughly how much CBD you take is important to gauge your effects, and eventually achieve best results. Because every individual reacts to CBD a little differently, the numbers above are only a suggested starting point. Once you’ve calculated a good place to start, it’s time to experiment with small dosage adjustments to find that perfect balance, AKA, your Sweet Spot.

Converting milligrams (mg) to milliliters (ml)

Now that you know how much to take, you may have noticed that the dropper with the tinctures is marked with milliliters. To make it less complicated, we’ve also created this handy chart for easy dosing.

30ml Bottle Strength 300mg 500mg 1500mg 3000mg
1ML 10mg 16.6mg 50mg 100mg
.75ML 7.5mg 12.45mg 37.5mg 75mg
.5ML 5mg 8.3mg 25mg 50mg
.25ML 2.5mg 4.15mg 12.5mg 25mg